The Ronni Series

The embroidery design is inspired by Ronni Ahmmed’s “Holy Cow” painting.  Ronni Ahmmed is a contemporary artist whose fantastical work interweaves folklore and mythology from South Asia and around the world. The "Holy Cow" can be seen as a celebration of femininity and its life-giving powers throughout the ages. 

The embroidered cow is made up of small chain stitch rosettes created with the Ari needle. The versatile Ari technique is popular throughout South Asia and refined across generations since its emergence in the noble courts of the Mughal era. 


The Farmland Series

The embroidery is inspired by an aerial view of the patchwork fields of family farms in South Asia. Every family decides which crops to cultivate depending on the soil conditions, thereby changing the colours of the plot every season. Using the finest needle work and the long and short stitch, each plot in our embroidery is given a natural and rich textured feel.